1.Gantry design for heavy duty:Ensuring,both precision and reliability.

2.Two fullsized saddles, running on longitudinal guide rails:Givinghigh precision anddurability.

3.Equipped with high performance AC servo drivesystem:Positioningand contouring speeds up to 18mm/min.

 4.The transverse  guideis hardened roll bar,durable and easy cleans.

5.300mm width transverse guide,stability and precisioneven with heavytorch suspension units.

 6.Transverse energyfeed chains:Givingefficient transportation of hoses and cables.

7.Gas controlconsol nearthe operation panel:Providingaconvenient operation.

8.Plasma torch arc- voltage (AVC) height sensing system, with precise initial height torch setting ,withintegrated torch collision protection and automatic torch centering.

9.Powerful & ease touse Windows-XP PCbased CNC.

10.LCDtouch screen and full color high-resolution graphic display.

11.50preprogram and choice of CAD/CAMto suit all applications.

12.Multiple input for parts program loading,1.25 inch floppy disk,USBand RS-232 /RS422 interface.

13.Can direct read CAD'SDXF or DWGfile to docut.

14.Multiple choice for cut loss go-back,easy operation.


    1. Gantry machine with 2 sets of Triple Torches Beveling Units

    2. Longitudinal drive             Dual AC servo Motor/Rack/Rails

    3. Transverse drive               AC servo Motor/Rack/Steel Band

    4. Position of operation panel                                                Left

    5. Rail span                                                                         5500 mm

    6. Effective cutting width                         4500mm

    7. Rail length                                                                      19000 mm

    8. Effective cutting length                                                16500 mm

    9. Cutting speed                  Flame cutting : 100~800 mm/min

                                     Marking Speed: 12000mm/min

    10. Rapid speed                                   24000 mm/min

    11. Overall accuracy

    ‧ Reproducibility                                                  ≦±0.1 mm

       ‧ X,Y square-ness                       ≦±0.2mm /4.5 M* 3 M                                                         

    12. Cutting capacity (thickness)   Flame: 1 torch 150mm (vertical torch)

                                            Longitudinal Straight-line Beveling:                50mm

    13. Hoses and cable energy feed, (transverse cable chain and   longitudinal by hang type)

    14. Power supply (CNC use)         3 phase, 220V, 50~60HZ, 5KVA

    15. Use gas                         Flame: O2 and LPG




    1. IPC Based CNC controller: BURNY 10 Plus

    2. Industrial Grade LCD 15〞Touch Screen .

    3. Dual motor synchronized control for longitudinal drive.

    4. 80 GB hard drive and 1.44MB floppy drive and USB interface.

    5. 1GB SRAM

    6. With Cycle Start、Cycle Stop、Go To、Reverse Industrial Grade Membrane panel controls

    7. 8 direction keypad jog control

    8. Real-time coordinate position display

    9. Real-time graphics with zoom

    10. Programmable Kerf, Feedrate, Dwell, Pierce ramp, Preheat, 8 tool offset

    11. 50 pre-programmed commonly used standard shapes

    12. Selectable English or Metric Operation

    13. Accepts either ESSI or EIA RS274-D programming formats

    14. Program rotate, mirror, scale function

    15. Program message support

    16. Serial communication speeds up to 115k baud.

    17. Can read CAD’S output drawing and .DXF file.




    Three Torch Beveling Unit (Adopting Messer Torches)


    1. Straight beveling (no curve beveling)

                             2. Beveling type: I, V, X, Y, K

    3. Beveling angle: 10~45 degree

    4. Plate thickness 18~50mm Carbon steel

                              5. Mechanical touch wheel height sensor

                              6. Manual X, Y Bevel direction change


    Professional cutting software for 2-D drawing edit, nesting, setting up cutting paths, transferring AutoCad files.

    Standard FastCAM software has four modules for CNC cutting:

    1.       FastCAM drawing module:

             Draw: similar with CAD, to draw all kinds of parts


    2. FastNEST nesting module: Manual nesting, easy & convenient to use


    3. FastPATH automatic pathing module:

    a. Programming: automatic & manual pathing include marking, path optimizer, multi-layer cutting

    b. Support multiple CNC control, ESSI&EIA G/M code

    c. Support Kerfs comp., pre-pierce, stitch& tag cutting


    4. FastPLOT verification module:

    a. NC Verification: automatic & manual simulation, dimension and kerf compensation verification

    b. Transfer NC files to CAM/DXF/DWG files

    c. FastCAM Support: Windows98/2000/NT/XP



    1. Dual motor synchronized control gantry machine (span 5500 mm)-----1 set

    2. BURNY 10 CNC SHAPE-CUTTING CONTROL ----------------------------1 set

         3. Yaskawa Japan Precision gear box and AC servo motor -----------------3 sets

         4. Precision ground rails and Precision rack --------------Total 19M (two sides)

         5. Triple Torch Beveling Unit (Messer Torches)------------------------------2 sets

    (With Flashback arrester & Oxygen fuel gas manual control for per torch)

          6. Cutting nozzle 10~25mm x 6, 25~40mm x 6, 40~60mm x 6, 60~100mm x 6

          7. Heating nozzle 3~100mm x 6,

          8. Electric Ignition unit----------------------------------------------------2sets

          9. Zinc powder marking torch & lifter---------------------------------1set

          10. Gas control console (flame cutting) ------------------------------1 set

        ‧Gauges : High /Low Pressure regulator

                 ‧Automatic hole piercing system

    ‧High /Low preheat control

    11. Gas distribution unit (flame cutting) -------------------------- 1 set

    ‧Central gas control system

    ‧Solenoid valves for fuel gas,

    ‧Preheat oxygen, cutting oxygen

    12. Remote control operation unit-------------------------------------1 set

    13. Plate alignment laser pointer --------------------------------------1 set

    14. FastCam Standard Cutting / Nesting Software----------------1 set

    15. Hoses and cable energy feed, (transverse cable chain and longitudinal                   by hang type)

    16. Tool box and accessories --------------------------------------------1 set

    17. Necessary documents -----------------------------------------------1 copy

    18. Supplying the Drawing of site foundation

    19. Supplying the Drawing of cutting table  

    20. Transformer (3 Phase 380 V to 3 Phase 220V) (For CNC use) ---1 set



    1.      Installing (Maiduong do the installation)

    (DAMA send 1 engineer to support Maiduong Industry to doing installation & training)

    ‧On site installing ------------------------------------------------------4 days

    2. Training

    ‧On site training

    ‧Training items

    Machine operation and maintenance training --------------------- 3 days

    3. The overhead of installing and training:

         3-1. International accommodation fee, transportation fees are to be borne by DAMA.

    3-2. Local accommodation fee, hotel, food, transportation fee are to be borne by buyer


    1. OUT SCOPE (Buyer prepare items)

            1. Primary power source and its wiring works

             2. Manufacturing and installing for cutting table

             3. Manufacturing the H-beam foundation of site

             4. Gas supply source and pressure regulator ready

             5. Earth ground must < 15Ω (CNC cutting machine)