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Hakuta Industry Equipment Join Stock Company is a  commercial and industrial services company , specialized business machine tools, welding equipments and metal cutting accessories and consumable parts industries served ship , mechanical industry, automobile industry, steel structure, petrochemical, … shipbuilding industry, mechanical industry, automobile industry, steel structure, petrochemical, construction … From the inception, the company’s goal is to become a master provider about professional equipment, solutions and welding technology. We are constantly diversifying products, advanced technologies in collaboration with human resource development and professional management to bring to customers perfect service and  products, the greatest confidence.

Support for Hakuta company to achieve this is the network of international business relationships with many companies in the world and companies which we has established in recent years are Ermaksan Machinery, Akyapak Machinery, Sahinler Turkey, Cubuilt India, Davi Italia, Messer Germany, Choil Korea, Autowel Korea, Kotec Korea,  Wuxi Zhouxiang, Wuxi Hualian, Fincm, , the Group Nantong China, Taiwan Dama, American Hypertherm, etc … and constantly reaching out to the world market.

Our company is a gathering place for technical staff to be trained in technical, engineering and shipbuilding universities in Vietnam, to participate in short-term training, long-term and regularly work with experts from world renowned manufacturers such as Akyapak Machinery, Ermaksan Machinery , Choil Korea, Cubuilt India, Dama Taiwan,..

With over ten years of experience in the field of industrial steel structures, service sectors, automobile mechanics, shipbuilding industry, we are laying the groundwork for importing  Modern Industry Welding Line in Vietnam as : robot welding, automobile welding line, plasma cutting, Pipelines and Tanks Processing… and today is constantly growing stronger day one.



About us


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